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UpMyShop! The best application to exchange directly with the right person in your store, your bank, your car dealership, etc ... Any place, any time you can express yourself, be listened to, and especially be assured to get an answer.

Application UpMyShop!
  • Help your stores achieve better customer satisfaction, score your shop, ask your questions, post your « Up » !!!

  • Discover the rating of the place of your choice, given by the other users of social networks such as Facebook, Foursquare, Google Plus and UpMyShop. Get involved !

  • GPS will locate you and find nearby places. See profiles: scores, trends, the average response time to a question, location, and other useful information: opening times; etc...

  • Get real time news on all notices posted on social networks, and using UpMyShop, say whether you agree or disagree with the opinions already posted.

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