The application "UpMyShop!" the best customer satisfaction management tool

UpMyshop! It's for you :

  • The opportunity to know in real time, the satisfaction of your customers across all social networks and our application.
  • The possibility of increasing your customer satisfaction by being in constant contact with your customers and opening a dialogue with them.
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UpMyShop! It enables you :

  • To gain
    in market share
  • To enrich your
    knowledge of your customers
  • To collect and exploit feedback
  • To communicate
    in a new and unique way

UpMyShop! A tool that allows you


  • Direct contact, unique
  • A personalized animation tool
  • Creating traffic
  • Customer interaction
  • A network animation tool: challenging customer satisfaction
  • Pay back on mechanisms set up
  • On internal incentive
  • Optimised visibility
  • Real-time feedback about what is said about you
  • A web and social networks lookout
  • Easy online surveys, with simple customer interaction
  • A focus on specific topics
  • To conduct surveys and studies

UpMyShop! Your customer satisfaction barometer

How does it work?

You have access to monthly reports of the main key indicators of consumer satisfaction vs returns on all the social networks and the UpMyShop application!

You have access to a channel that allows you to respond directly to your customers.