• Upmyshop! The best application which allows you to interact directly with the right person in your store, your bank, etc ...

    Help your stores achieve better customer satisfaction, score, ask your questions, feel free to post your « Up » !!!

With this app, you always have at hand, a free guide ranking the places of your choice. Get involved ! Find out quickly and easily what other social network users on Facebook, Foursquare, Google+ and upmyshop !, think of these places.

UpMyShop! How does it work?

  • Download the application
  • Create your account in one click with your Facebook account, or choose to fill the form
  • GPS locate you and select from the list the locations that interests you.
  • Discover the place's profile:
    The score, the average response time, location, and useful information such as opening hours, and the comments already posted. Vote for or against the comments.
  • Write a comment by clicking Up!
  • Score and validate before commenting on the location
  • All comments are sent to the person in charge who answers directly via the app